This early 2018 lead me to a lot of thinking…

This winter has finally encouraged me to make a move: stepping in decisively into video / film making.

I’ve “always” been in contact with Video and Film. A lifetime ago I successfully founded a small Computer Generated Imaging joint. I did graphics for TV and Film, small things, nothing relevant, but I was very much in contact with the Film, Ads., T.V. industries. But back then, and for the rest being I cared more about generating those graphics than all the other processes involved in editing, filming, narrating etc.

Then I thought that the best for my physical and mental health was to move in front of the camera, so I would not keep too far from the environment I was familiar with. I studied acting for 4 years approx. and gave it a shot. Not a professionally successful one though…

I also started more seriously with photography.

Then I decided to fiddle with Internet (up til then, I was a total douche, barely even knew what Social Media meant)…

Finally in 2016-17 I decided to formalize my photographic skills with a one year study here in Milano. It was a wonderful experience, and we also were taught DSLR video fundamentals.

All this just to say one thing before I get to the point:

I have my very little knowledge on Filmmaking, just getting started.

So I am starting this “Filmmaking Diaries”, in all humility, and with 3 goals:

Document my journey,
Share it with peers and maybe offer them, the less video-knowledgeable ones, some insights and encouragement to get started,
Eventually receive some feedback from pros, or the aforementioned peers, and learn all together in the process…

I never blogged before too, so if anyone is insane enough to read through, forgive me!

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